Ensuring A Seamless Hiring Process When Working With A Recruiter

February 27, 2019 Amanda Krebs


When hiring a new employee, working with a recruiter can be an excellent resource for your organization. Recruiters not only save you time and money sourcing and screening candidates, but they also offer invaluable knowledge about the current state of the job market in your industry.

Just like any working relationship, however, the hiring process only works as well as you allow it to work. For a seamless hiring process when working with a recruiter, here’s what you can do to ensure that your recruiter is able to deliver the best candidates possible in their search for you:

Communicate your needs

In order for a recruiter to go out and find your dream candidate, it’s critical that you’re able to articulate what this candidate looks like. Not only must you be crystal clear on job responsibilities, skills, and budget, but you also need to consider personality and culture fit.

Be sure that your recruiter has a clear understanding of your culture and the personality type that would succeed in this role. The more they understand about what you value in your employees, the better.

Be open to a candidate you weren’t looking for

In today’s candidate-driven job market, your “dream” employee may be out of reach. However, when you’re open to other possibilities, you may find the perfect employee you didn’t know you needed.

Because recruiters are in tune with industry trends as well as consistently interviewing top candidates in the field, they know when they find someone special. Even if it’s not exactly what you were looking for, be open to meeting a nontraditional candidate—they may surprise you!

Put your trust in them

Partnering with a recruiter involves placing a lot of trust not only on your hiring process, but in a larger sense, the future of your organization. While it is natural to want more control over the process, it’s important to trust your recruiter as they work to find the best candidate for your company.

Remember that your recruiter not only has a pool of qualified candidates, but also works diligently to assess each individual’s skillset, personality, and cultural fit. In this process, know that your recruiter is hand-delivering the best candidates out there, and trust that you are not missing out.

Move quickly

Today’s job market is typically fast-paced, and your top candidates have many options to choose from. As a result, there’s no time to waste! When you’ve found the right person to fill the role, be sure that you move quickly before they accept another offer.

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