Why A Temp To Hire Strategy Works In Today’s Job Market

April 22, 2019 Amanda Krebs

temp to hire

Hiring today often means that employers must be flexible in order to fill a position. Current conditions require many things, from interviewing to employee training, to be done remotely—making it even more difficult for companies to find the talent they need. With these new challenges, employers need to adapt their hiring process in order to be agile in today’s workforce. As a result, a temp to hire strategy can benefit an organization’s long-term goals. Here’s how:

Get a qualified employee right away

Between sourcing candidates, interview rounds, and salary negotiations, finding the right full-time fit can be a challenge. When the work is piling up, this can put a larger burden on your already lean team.

When you use a temp to hire approach, you’re able to get top talent off the market right away. Not only is this likely to ensure that the quality of the candidate is higher, but this strategy ensures the new hire will be able to hit the ground running.

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“Try before you buy”

With a temp to hire strategy, you’re able to assess the candidate’s qualifications on the job. When finding the “right fit” is as challenging as it is today, this approach is guaranteed to help you find that dream candidate faster. If a candidate does not work out, there is no harm done, and you’re able to simply move on. Meanwhile, you can continue looking for the right candidate who not only understands the demands of the role, but also fits within the culture.

Reduce turnover costs

Today’s job market doesn’t just mean that candidates can be hard to find; it also means that it’s more difficult to assess fit. And it’s important to remember that a temp to hire approach goes both ways—this is the candidate’s opportunity to assess you as an employer as well. As a result, once you find the perfect full-time fit, the candidate who accepts your offer is also more likely to stay long-term.

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