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September 19, 2016

This is Kate. She's an HR Director in charge of hiring staff for a variety of functions at her company.

But Kate's frustrated. For starters, she works with a few staffing firms that just don't seem 100% aligned with her company’s business goals.

Kate's company also has a huge project implementation coming up, so she needs candidates with a niche set of skills for a short period of time. The firm she works with doesn’t have a pipeline of candidates to tap into.

And most importantly, she's finding that many of the candidates she meets with aren’t the right personality fit for the company’s culture.

That's where The Execu|Search Group comes in.

- We offer customized solutions to address your unique hiring needs, and are here to offer guidance on things like market trends and compensation.

- We have the strength and infrastructure of a large nationwide firm but without the red tape and bureaucracy that often comes with it, allowing us to work within a wide range of budget constraints.

We understand that a company’s staffing needs can change from hour to hour.  Due to our extensive network, we can have a qualified candidate ready when you need them, often times within an hour!

- We know that "fit" is critical when it comes to successful hiring, so we meet with all candidates in person before ever sending to a client.

We offer great benefits to all of our working temps, including health insurance, 401(k) options, exclusive discounts, and a field staff concierge who acts as a single point of contact during every assignment.  This means happier candidates in the long run!

- Lastly, trust and transparency are at the core of everything we do. We ensure that all clients are kept in the loop throughout every step of our recruitment process, and we pride ourselves on our open, honest relationships.

We've helped over 26,000 companies find talent. Let's work together to find your next great hire!

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