3 Ways To Improve Company Culture By Hiring For Potential

June 26, 2018

When thinking about ways to improve company culture, many employers mistakenly focus their efforts on creating a “fun” atmosphere.

However, company culture isn’t made up of superficial offerings – it’s made up of people. Oftentimes, the key to building a great company culture starts by hiring for POTENTIAL.

Rather than hiring someone with the best resume, look for the person that will grow into your team. Here’s how:

Emphasize personal attributes

Looking for the perfect candidate doesn’t necessarily mean checking off items on your list of qualifications—it also includes evaluating personality.

Among the qualities that contribute to a positive company culture, look for someone who is:

  • Curious
  • Motivated to learn
  • Humble
  • Supportive of their team
  • Goal-oriented

Evaluate transferable skills

During the hiring process, keeping an open mind will help you find the new hire you didn’t know you needed.

To do this, consider candidates with applicable transferable skills.

While a candidate may lack a skill on your “must-have” list, a similar experience or a proven ability to learn quickly can be a valid substitute.

Additionally, looking outside of your normal candidate pool can bring an entirely new set of skills and ideas to your team.

Ask behavioral or situational questions

When deciding whether a candidate has the potential to grow into a great employee, be sure to ask situational questions during the interview.

Understanding how an employee thinks in the face of a challenge is an excellent way to find out how they will handle themselves under pressure.

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