What Makes A Good Company? 5 Features Candidates Are Looking For

February 5, 2020 Christina O'Handley

what makes a good company

As hiring becomes more competitive, employers need to do more to entice top talent to join their organization. This is especially true now that more candidates are interviewing with different employers and entertaining multiple offers. With more options for candidates to consider, you’ll need to showcase what sets you apart from other organizations during the hiring process. To effectively do this, you’ll need to know what candidates are looking for in their potential employers and showcase how your organization can offer these features.

Not sure what makes a good company in the eyes of your candidates? These five qualities are what most candidates seek during the hiring process:

Potential for growth

If you’re looking to hire top talent in your industry, they’ll eventually want to get ahead in their industry. That’s why most candidates, especially those at the beginning of their career, want upward mobility at their organization. If your team can provide growth for the candidate, make sure to address this during the hiring process. If you can, also introduce them to team members who have worked their way up at your company. This will showcase your organization’s dedication to helping their employees progress in their career.

Career development

Not only do potential candidates want to move up through an organization, they also want to make sure they are growing their skillset. That’s why offering career development opportunities is a top priority for many candidates. If your organization has education reimbursement or mentorship programs, for example, call these out throughout the hiring process.

Making an impact

Many candidates are looking for more than just a paycheck. They want to work at an organization with a positive mission that is more than making the company a profit. If your company has a strong set of values and goals, make sure to not only showcase this on your company website for employer branding, but also instill this throughout your candidate’s hiring process. If your organization’s mission is a passion for a top candidate, they might feel that your organization is the right fit for them.

Work-life balance

As the negative effects of burnout become more prevalent, many candidates are looking for an organization that prioritizes work-life balance for their employees. Whether your organization has work-life balance initiatives or flexible scheduling options for employees, you’ll want to share this with candidates during the hiring process.

Recognition and feedback

The last thing potential candidates want is uncertainty when they move to a new organization. They’ll want to know if their performance is going well or if they need to make improvements to grow at the organization. One way to dismiss this uncertainty is through employee recognition. If you celebrate a recent company win, share this on social media or your website. This will showcase to potential employees that a company’s accomplishments are recognized.

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